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Everlasting scars

There you stand with your dusty face
Stumbling towards me, up for a sweet embrace
With tears on your cheeks, you ran down the whole road
Drenched in mud and sweat, still wearing your brown coat

Bloody limbs lying all over the streets
A dead child, wrapped in filthy sheets
The continuous shots echoing in my ear
And in their faces you can still see the fear

Broken furniture between burnt out cars
In our minds remain the everlasting scars
Empty eyes, moaning mouthes, everywhere I look
They ripped holes, by the men, they for ever took

Crying, screaming, rampaging – your words can't find an end
Telling stories you experienced, my brain can hardly stand
Above both of us croaks a single crow
I hold you in my arms and whisper: “Hush, it's over now.“

1.5.11 23:12

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Cally (2.5.11 19:54)
Ich bin beeindruckt! Über die Maßen. Das ist echt kraftvoll und traurig und aufwühlend.
"Broken furniture between burnt out cars
In our minds remain the everlasting scars"
Die Stelle ist wirklich gut!

Umbrella (2.5.11 21:14)
Ist es gewollt, dass mich das an meine Großeltern erinnert?

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